Antonio Franceschetti - Colore nel paesaggio
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Florentine figurative and landscape painter

Franceschetti is a great observer of nature in its details and expressions of light and color.  He paints his oils almost exclusively outdoors, taking his subjects on the spot and being able to reproduce in his works the feelings and emotions of the moment, with the result of faithfully expressing the lights and colors of his perception.

He started painting in Florence more than thirty years ago,
under the master supervision of two famous italian artists .

He might get in a few years a great  capacity of working and creating  large and  important Tuscan landscape paintings
which made him become one of the most  requested and beloved artists in Tuscany.

He  now  lives and  works in Florence     and he has inherited by the “Labronici”  painters of Leghorn (Tuscany) the pronounced taste for bright colors and contrasts with perfect dosing and alternating tones hot and cold, light and dark.

The artist is in touch with important private art galleries and public institutions, in Italy and abroad, where it is possible to admire his new painting collections throughout the year.


If you wish to see his works,  call him at  335 5294993. 

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